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Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals

Cabal and Farah, ready for the Davis Cup Madrid Finals

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

They are not just Colombians. Together they have become one of the greatest doubles teams in the professional tour and they will be representing Colombia in Madrid in November. After their crowns in Rome and Barcelona - and their return to the top 10 - this week Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah start their battle for the Roland Garros title. Winning in Paris is one of their aims for this season... as is winning at the Davis Cup Madrid Finals.

What does it mean for you playing Davis Cup?

Cabal - Yeah, it's a little bit different, you represent your country in this tournament, but you're not playing like a team. In Davis Cup you have to win three out of five or now two out of three, so it's a strategy for everything involved. It's a different game. You see your team-mates of your team at the side of the court, supporting you, people screaming, it makes it all a different scenario and the way you are feeling on court.

Farah - It's a special week. It's a week where you come together. For Colombia, especially, we're all very good friends, so to be able to compete for the same cause, usually we are at tournaments. We see Santi playing for himself but we go and cheer on for him. We see Daniel Galan, the same thing. But to be able to actually be a team and his victory represents our points too, it's great. It's a special thing of the Davis Cup.

What was your first Davis Cup memory?

Cabal - It was our city, in Cali, Colombia, when they played against Canada, maybe, I don't know which country exactly, but I was about eight years old, maybe. I had seen our pros, Hadad and Tobon at that time playing Davis Cup. I remember a full stadium, an amazing atmosphere, people supporting, it was unreal because I loved the excitement of the game at that time. It was unreal.

Farah - I think it's probably very similar to Seba's, we are both from the same city so I remember my dad taking me to one of the ties, it must have been - yeah, Cabal is right, it must have been Canada or I think it might have been Peru. I remember just a lot of people screaming and me wanting to one day be on that court. You look backwards, you know you've done a lot for your career.

And your best memory?

Farah - Best memory in Davis Cup is when we beat Sweden to make it to the Davis Cup Madrid Finals, easily, for me.

Cabal - We played in our home, Colombia, with our people, full stadium, especially giving the last point to the country. You cannot ask for more. It was unreal.

Farah: "Best memory in Davis Cup is when we beat Sweden to make it to the Davis Cup Madrid Finals."

Cabal: "We're making a legacy. It will make tennis really good inside Colombia, for fans, for little kids playing the game, so it's a huge moment."

Which has been the Colombia history on Davis Cup?

Farah - We've been fighting for the World Group for already nine years. I remember the first try we had was in 2010 against the States in Colombia. We were very close to winning the tie. I remember then having a big disappointment in 2013, playing Japan. We thought we could have that one, and it's been like that until this year, until February. So to be in the World Group for us meant everything, it meant everything to the Colombian fans, for the tennis fans in Colombia and for the federation, for our captain, for our families, for us. That's why I told you it's the biggest moment of our Davis Cup career, winning that last point and clinching the World Group qualification.

Cabal - The most important moment for tennis in Colombia, like for the whole that it represents tennis, for our whole country. It's the most important. We're making a legacy. It will make tennis really good inside Colombia, for fans, for little kids playing the game, so it's a huge moment. It's hard to explain, but for tennis in Colombia, it's huge. Getting more involved into tennis would be amazing.

What do you expect from Colombian fans during Davis Cup Finals?

Farah - La Caja Magica we know, we've played there, we've played there a lot for the 1000 event. We know it can get very rowdy, so I hope that's how it's going to be. We don't lack Colombians in Madrid, we think there's going to be a lot of Colombians.

Cabal - I think it's going to be a full house. People around Europe I think are going to come, Colombia is going to come for sure, a lot of people in Colombia will travel, a lot of people have told me already they have the tickets, have already made everything, so it's a big moment. A full house, an amazing environment, in Spain it will be a great party to be in those ties, so that's what I expect.


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© Sergio Llamera

© Sergio Llamera