Madrid has woken up today to a 500m2 billboard overlooking the city’s famous Gran Vía heralding the Davis Cup. The competition message is also appearing on the streets of Innsbruck and Turin.

We love forehand and backhand, serve and return, volley and smash. We laugh and we cry, we keep silent and we shout. To cheer. To win. To celebrate. The festival is back.  The Davis Cup is back.

The Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2021 – to be held in Madrid from 25 November to 5 December – is starting to gain visibility, with particular impact from today thanks to the huge billboard on the Gran Vía.

The message

En Madrid somos de derecha 

y de revés

Vuelve la Copa Davis

on the billboard will remain at 14 Gran Vía for 15 days, until 31 May. Every day, 75,000 vehicles and 40,000 pedestrians pass by this location.

The billboard is just a small preview of the international campaign Are you IN?, which has been created by the Barcelona agency Smäll, and will promote the sale of tickets, which go on sale in the coming weeks. At that point the entire creative and conceptual development of the project will be unveiled and drive all promotion around the competition, its teams and fans. The citywide campaign will remain permanently in Madrid until 25 November, the day of the start of the Group stage. In the coming days, its message will start to be seen across Madrid, coinciding with the launch of an international teaser campaign on digital channels.

Are you IN? is not just about the teams and players, but also the passion, pride, music, and unique atmosphere that is part of every edition of the Davis Cup.

The Austrian city of Innsbruck and the Italian city of Turin will be the two European co-hosts of the competition alongside Madrid, which remains the central venue. Innsbruck is also starting an outdoor campaign today, focusing especially on the  Olympia-Halle, the competition venue. Also in Turin the message is appearing.

The Davis Cup Finals will take place from 25 November to 5 December and will be played on hard court. Each city will host two groups in the Group stage as well as a quarter-final, with Madrid hosting two quarter-finals. The Spanish capital will also stage the semi-finals and the final.

The fixture schedule and ticket sales are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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Are you in? Manifesto

© Davis Cup Finals

Innsbruck is also starting an outdoor campaign today

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