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Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals

Nicolas Jarry: “It’s amazing for the whole country to be in Madrid and we are very proud”

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Nicolas Jarry defeated Juan Ignacio Londero in Bastad last weekend to earn his first ATP title. Together with Christian Garin, the 23-year-old Chilean is the rising star of the nation's team led by Nicolás Massu. Chile will try to make history in the Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals; and will battle it out with Argentina and Germany in Group C to secure a spot in the quarter-finals.

What does it mean for Chile to be in the Davis Cup Madrid Finals?

I think it’s a lot. My grandfather (Jaime Fillol) has the best result with his team going to the final, and for not so many years Chile has been in the World Group. It’s amazing for the whole country and we are very proud. We have a great team, we’ve worked for many years to get there and we finally made it.


What should we expect from the Chilean fans in Madrid?

They are always there, so even playing around the world you have support. It’s amazing, I expect them to be like what they are.


What makes the Davis Cup special…

I think, I feel there’s no main feeling, it’s so many, good and different feelings. I remember when I lost my first match, it was the first time that I cried about losing a match. It’s too much, you’re playing for a whole country. I really liked it, it’s a great opportunity, a great test for yourself and I like it, I love it. I’ve always liked to play and I give my best and it’s a great joy to win.


And what is your first and best memory of Davis Cup?

I think first…, it’s not too clear, but going to the Estadio Nacional in Chile when Fernando (González) and Massú were playing. But the most recent memory would be my debut in Dominican Republic. It was a good experience, I don’t remember anything, if we won or lost, but yeah, it’s an amazing event that I always wanted to play.

I think my best one would be when we won at home, playing against Colombia, when we won a doubles match after five hours with Hans Podlipnik.


Who would be more excited to see you lift the Davis Cup?

I think the whole family. We are very united and they would always be happy for me, and they always would be backing me up in good times and bad times.

When I lost my first Davis Cup match, it was the first time that I cried about losing a match.”

Complete the sentence - ‘If I win the Davis Cup, I will…’

I will, I don’t know, just, no, nothing special, just… yeah, I think, well, celebrate it a lot with the team.


Why did you choose to play tennis?

Tennis is the sport that I like the most. I played so many different types of sports when I grew up and tennis is the wanted one. I think it’s because how difficult it is, it’s a personal battle and I like to grow up and be every time better.


What’s your favourite Spanish food?

It’s ‘jamón ibérico’.


Have you ever been in Madrid?

I’ve been in Madrid many times, I’ve an aunt who lives there but she won’t be living in Madrid when this (the Davis Cup Madrid Finals) will be played, she’s been living there for five years so my base has been Madrid since I’ve been travelling.


What’s your favourite place in Madrid?

Paseo de la Castellana… It’s a big street, with many, many things and I think it’s very pretty


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© GEPA pictures/ Matthias Hauer