Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals

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Monday, April 8th, 2019

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On Tuesday 9 April, the sale of tickets for the Davis Cup Madrid Finals began through the official website of the competition in the tickets section. Direct sales via the Caja Mágica venue will begin on Thursday 14 November, four days before the start of the competition. All tickets have assigned seating.

·       Each ticket gives the bearer the right to see an entire tie between two countries (two singles and one doubles). Buy your tickets to show your colours and cheer your own nation; or take the opportunity to see the best tennis players of each country and interact with their fans at the same time; or why not both?

·       The competition will be played on three courts in Caja Mágica: Centre Court, Stadium 2 and Stadium 3. Check the complete schedule here to find out in which of them your team or the country you want to cheer on will play. This way, you will also know how much your ticket costs.

·       There is a wide range of prices: from 25 euros (the cheapest ticket) for group stage duels, to 60 euros (the cheapest ticket) for the final. Don't forget that there are special rates for children: under 5s do not pay but cannot occupy a seat; for children under 8 years old, the ticket will cost 10 euros (25 in the final) and 15 euros (30 in the final) until 12 years old. You can check the complete price list here to find the ticket that suits you best.

·       Please note that administrative fees will apply depending on the ticket price: 1.50 euros below 16 euros; 2 euros for tickets between 16 and 50 euros; 3 euros for tickets between 50 and 100 euros and 3.5 euros for tickets over 100 euros.

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