Twenty-four teams will compete in the Davis Cup by Rakuten Qualifiers on 6–7 March, with ties played under a home-and-away format. The 12 winning nations will advance to the Finals 2020 where they will be joined by the four semi-finalists from the Finals 2019 (Spain, Canada, Great Britain and Russia) as well as two wild cards (France and Serbia). The 12 losing nations will compete in Zone Group action.

From Adelaide (Australia) to Honolulu (United States), the twelve cities for the Davis Cup by Rakuten Qualifiers 2020 have been decided. 24 teams will compete over two exciting days of competition to secure a place in the Davis Cup Finals that will once again close the tennis season in Madrid.

Unlike the Finals, where clashes between nations consist of three matches – two singles and one doubles – in the Qualifiers, five games are played: on Friday March 6, two singles and on Saturday 7, doubles matches start the action followed by two more singles. All five matches will be of three sets with tie breaks. Whoever gets three wins secures that all-important ticket for Madrid.

The deadline for the teams to announce their team nominations is February 25.

Check out our Qualifiers 2020 section for up-to-date information on all the ties.

Below are the twelve cities hosting Davis Cup Qualifiers action. Seedings were assigned in the draw by order of ranking.

Croatia (1) vs India. Zagreb (Croatia)

Belgium (2) vs Hungary. Debrecen (Hungary)

Argentina (3) vs Colombia. Bogota (Colombia)

United States (4) vs Uzbekistan. Honolulu (United States)

Australia (5) vs Brazil. Adelaide (Australia)

Italy (6) vs South Korea. Cagliari (Italy)

Germany (7) vs Belarus. Düsseldorf (Germany)

Kazakhstan (8) vs Netherlands. Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan)

Czech Rep. (9) vs Slovakia. Bratislava (Slovakia)

Austria (10) vs Uruguay. Graz (Austria)

Japan (11) vs Ecuador. Miki (Japan)

Sweden (12) vs Chile. Stockholm (Sweden)