The competition launches its first promotional campaign in the streets of the city five months before the event begins.

The Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals are already in Madrid. From this week until the 4th of August, more than 200 marquees, divided into two routes, will encourage sports lovers not to miss the great tennis event that will close the 2019 season with the presence of the 18 best teams in the world. Under the slogan Come to the Tennis World Cup this first OOH campaign in the city of Madrid is inspired by the global campaign Show Your Colours, which was launched years ago by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Tennis fans are at the heart of the campaign's creative concept that appeals to the excitement and importance that they always have at the Davis Cup. For more than a century, this competition’s public has been characterised with strong passion, animating their teams and creating a unique atmosphere in the world of tennis, similar to what happens in other world competitions in other disciplines.

From September 23rd until November 24th when the new Davis Cup champions will be crowned, a second OOH campaign will be launched, including, among others, more than 240 oppis.