Sustainability Plan

Why focus on event sustainability?

1. Because citizens are becoming  more responsible and committed.  Consumer decisions are guided  by ethics and their environmental impact. 

2. Because we are all responsible for achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050 in order to lay the foundation for a cleaner, healthier,  greener and more sustainable Europe and help radically transform  the continent’s economic model.

3. Because more companies are  adopting sustainability criteria.  We believe sustainability is  crucial to a company’s success. 

Twenty Agreed Action Points

1.  Promote responsible consumption

2. Effective waste management

3.  Suppliers and waste

4. Reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable transport and accommodation

5. Create public messaging about climate change and the impact of emissions

6.  Promote responsible consumption through communication and marketing

7. Communicate internally to all teams about the positive impact of the measures implemented in the Davis Cup

8. Ensure and promote commitment to sustainability and awareness-raising among participants

9.  Inform staff about the sustainability criteria applied in the kitchen/catering service

10. Encourage responsible and diverse consumption

11. Prevent and manage waste

12. Ensure efficient planning of food purchasing

13. Prevent food waste

14. Increase awareness of triple bottom line impacts

15.  Efficient management of the consumption and generation of materials and waste associated with the assembly and dismantling of temporary structures

16. Promote diversity and equal opportunities

17. Encourage responsible production and consumption in merchandising

18. Encourage the implementation of environmentally friendly packaging

19.  Avoid printing tickets unnecessarily

20. Encourage commercial agreements that promote or ensure the incorporation of sustainability standards and that generate a positive impact