La Caja Mágica

La Caja Mágica

Opening hours

The opening and closing schedule of the venue opening hours for the general public, areas as follows:

  • Sunday 17, venue opens at 10:00 hrs and closes at 21:00 hrs
  • Monday 18, venue opens at 11:00 hrs and closes one hour after the end of the last match.
  • From Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23, venue opens at 09:30 hrs and closes one hour after the end of the last match.
  • Sunday 24, venue opens at 14:00 hrs and closes one hour after the end of the last match.

Caja Mágica Floorplan

Caja Mágica Floorplan

How to get to the event

Public Transport


The City of Madrid will operate a special shuttle bus line (180) for fans. The bus will go directly from the city centre (Plaza Legazpi) to the venue, with no other stops. Journey time is 10 minutes and buses will depart every 10 to 15 minutes. The schedule will be as follows:

  • November 17: from 12:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.
  • November 18: from 11:00 hrs to 00.00 hrs.
  • November 19-24: from 09:00 hrs to 00.00 hrs.

Regular bus

There are also three regular bus lines with a stop 300m from the venue and a metro stop 800m from the venue:

  • Bus stops:
  • Line 23: Plaza Mayor
  • Line 78: Glorieta de Embajadores – Barrio de San Fermín
  • Line T32: Plaza de Legazpi-Mercamadrid
  • Line 123: Plaza de Legazpi-Villaverde Bajo
  • Line 3: San Fermín – Orcasur (Metro)


There is a taxi stand outside La Caja Mágica (Paseo de Perales entrance) and other private services such as Uber or Cabify operate in Madrid as well.

More information about the transport service will be detailed in the transportation guide currently being prepared.


Public entrances The venue has two entrances for the general public use: Camino de Perales (west side) and Paseo de Embajadores (east side). The main entrance is the one located at Camino de Perales is the main entrance, and the one at Paseo de Embajadores is designated for sponsors, boxes and VIP guests. However, this entrance is accessible to the general public arriving if they arrive via the public parking and from the special bus line 180. It will also be the entrance for media and staff who come by shuttle as it is the closest entrance from the drop- off area.

Entrances for VIPs and International Sponsors


There will be welcome desks at both entrances, to pick up or exchange hospitality wristbands. Welcome desks can also be used as designated areas where the organisers and individual sponsors can distribute their tickets, wristbands, gifts, etc.



  • Public parking is located on the west side of the venue, with capacity for 1,240 cars
  • Pick up point for Cabify. is located on the west side of the venue, with capacity for 28 cars
  • VIP parking is located on the west side of the venue with capacity for 430 cars.
  • Official media involved with the event will have use of 10-15 spaces spots on level -2, in front of the Media Centre.


As the event happens in November, all Finals Week ties will be played on indoor acrylic on wood (Greenset) courts, exactly the same as those used in previous tournaments. Match courts and practice courts will be made of the same material and have the same conditions. They will be green and grey and havewith a CPR category of Medium Fast.

The venue is equipped with three stadiums where the ties will be held. Courts 2 and 3 are located on level 0 while the Centre Court is located on level -1. All three courts have the following facilities:

The number of seats available in each stadium are:

  • Centre Court: 10,557 General Seating + 1,692 VIP Boxes (includes Presidential Box).
  • Stadium 2: 3,504 (includes Presidential Box).
  • Stadium 3: 2,293 (includes Presidential Box)

Public Areas:

Activities away from the courts will also form an important part of the event. All public services and amenities will be located on level 0 including the “Partners’ exhibition area”, “Fan-experience” and “Food & Beverage areas”, as well as access to stands for all competition courts. These areas are located on level 0 and will be covered with artificial grass.

Fan Zone: is a designated area where the public can enjoy different activities offered by the organisers. The fan experience will be situated on level 0 on the south side of the Centre Court.

Commercial area: This is a designated space where the event’s sponsors and partners will showcase their products and services to the general public. The partners’ exhibition area will be located on level 0 specifically in the only free passage area for the general public situated on the north and east sides of the Centre Court. Between 25-30 stands will be set up in this area.

Food & Beverage: The stands will be available in this area consisting of food trucks and kiosks, offering a variety of options, including:

  1. Mexican food: nachos, quesadillas, etc.
  2. Italian food: pizza
  3. Burgers, chicken,
  4. Vegetarian/Veggie food
  5. Sweet food: crepes, churros, and etc.
  6. Drinks: cocktails, beer, wine, etc.

On Monday 18 November, the food and drink area will be open from 11:00 hrs until one hour after the last game ends

On Tuesday to Saturday, the food and drink area will be opened from 9:30 hrs until one hour after the last game ends

On Sunday, food and drink will be available open from 14:00 hrs until one hour after the last game ends

Public Medical Area: Located on floor 0, or on playing courts, the CMMT will provide offer urgent medical assistance to the public attending the tournament, offering a team of multidisciplinary professionals. The team will include specialists in emergency care, internal medicine, intensivists, nurses and health technicians divided into groups to cover all the facilities.

A medical centre will be established by the CMMT in the commercial area, with an internist and an intensivist doctor, as well as a nursing service. They will be available from one hour before the venue doors open to the public until the close of the venue to the public. It will contain all the necessary medical equipment.

In order to guarantee first-class medical assistance, the CMMT will have three emergency ambulances at the facilities and will have other external equipment outside the venue reserved for emergencies, outside the venue.

Ticket Sales At The Event:

There will be two Tickets Booths at the venue, one on the north side (Calle Embajadores) and one on the south side (Camino de Perales) , which will open on Thursday, November 14.

Opening Ceremony:

The opening ceremony will be held on Monday, November 18 at 14:30hrs on the Centre Court of the Caja Mágica. The ceremony will be divided into two different acts: an artistic performance featuring a light, image and sound show as well as a musical performance starring DJ Alan Walker & Farruko. Taburete will close the day on Centre Court, after the tie Croatia vs Russia.

Closing Ceremony:

The closing ceremony will be held on Sunday November 24 following the final on the Centre Court of la Caja Mágica. It will include an awards ceremony featuring the finalist teams as well as speeches from the organisers. Before the final, there will be a musical performance starring Shakira, Camilo and Pedro Capó.

The trophy presentation ceremony will take place on Centre Court immediately after the conclusion of the decisive match of the final.

Premium Tickets & VIP Boxes:

Premium tickets are located in the first four rows of the East Stand at Centre Court, just behind the boxes. These seats are sold per person and per session and include access to the Hospitality Lounge. VIP boxes are located around all sides of the Centre Court except on the northern side.

The 1900 Club:

The main hospitality lounge, the 1900 Club, has an area of 5500 m2 over two levels and has with capacity for approximately 2,200 people. It is located on level -2 on the south side of the venue by the VIP tent. The hospitality area will serve high quality food and beverages during opening times including cocktails, wine, champagne, and beer. The hospitality lounge will be open during the event from 10:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs for the morning session and from 17:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs for the afternoon session. Access will be with a corresponding wristband.

Contact Us:

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