Competition Venue for Group Stage. Group B


Competition Venue for Group Stage. Group B

Spain - Canada - Serbia - Korea, Rep.

Competition Days

From 13 to 18 September 2022


Group Stage

13 Sep, Tuesday

14 Sep, Wednesday

15 Sep, Thursday

16 Sep, Friday

17 Sep, Saturday

18 Sep, Sunday



Mediterranean, authentic and with a rich history, Valencia is becoming one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe. With 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 17°C, Valencia is a city made for enjoying outdoor life, especially in autumn. 

More than 160 kilometres of cycle paths cover the city from end to end, allowing you to experience the gardens lining the old river course, and get to its urban beaches, as well as the two nature reserves connected to the city. Surrounding farmland, the sea and the fields of La Albufera provide locally sourced produce for restaurant tables, delighting food lovers truly committed to sustainability. 

All this adds to the 2000 years of history that have left historical sites from every period across the urban landscape, contrasting with the avant-garde architecture of spaces such as the City of Arts and Sciences.  

Pabellón Municipal Fuente de San Luis.

The Pabellón Municipal de Fuente San Luis was built in 1983 to give Valencia a venue capable of hosting high-level events. It currently has capacity for 9,000 spectators.

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